“My firm has collaborated with Lynn to present her “Profit First” methodology to our clients and we found Lynn to be deeply knowledgeable on how to truly help small business owners become profitable from day one.  Lynn is not only technically proficient in the areas of accounting but also acts as a true counselor on profit behavior! When business owners listen and follow her advice, they have no choice but to become profitable.  She’s an extension of the team working towards the same goal as her clients.”

Lonni B. Cibants

Financial Planning & Multi-Family Office, Axial Family Advisors

“Lynn Mattice presented Profit First for our Boca Raton Trusted Advisor Group. Not only was the presentation informative, but Lynn was a very professional, and a well-versed speaker. Our group, who are entrepreneurs were totally engaged throughout the whole presentation and we got great feedback from the group afterward.  I would definitely recommend engaging Lynn for a presentation for your business group.  I believe that Profit First is a system that every entrepreneur needs to know about.”

Bruce Weinstein

President, Boca Raton Trusted Advisor Group

“We are so happy that Lynn was able to join us on one of her trips to Colorado and to be our guest speaker at my law firm’s Power Lunch meeting for entrepreneurial lawyers.  We had a great group of attorneys who own their own law firms. Lynn gave an informative and engaging talk, introducing us to the “Profit First” business concept and method. She is a dynamic speaker and taught us how to be more accountable when it comes to your business’s revenue and how to better handle cash flow. Lynn answered everyone’s questions and was very professional and approachable during the event, both to members of my law firm and all attendees.  It was a pleasure to get to know her and I highly recommend her to any business owners who want to improve their business and its profitability. She clearly has an array of knowledge, experience, and expertise. I would not hesitate to contact Lynn for additional guidance in the future or to refer my clients, friends, and family to her to help them with their businesses.”

Philip M. Bluestein, Esq.

Owner, Rocky Mountain Law Firm, Bluestein Law Firm, PC. Boulder and Denver, Colorado

“After having suffered through a long period of economic hardship in my business, I finally began to turn it around and regain the early success I had enjoyed.  I then discovered Profit First and this greatly helped accelerate the recovery and ensure long-term stability moving forward.  I’m very glad I retained the services of Lynn Mattice to be my Profit First consultant.

Lynn is very open with her own story of business struggles in her history and that experience and empathy is crucial for a good consultant to understand my business.  I’m a true believer in the Profit First system and wish I would’ve discovered it and Lynn years earlier.  I invited Lynn to present to the Kissimmee Osceola Chamber of Commerce at which I chair a committee for a Business Academy we organize for the community.  Lynn delivered a very effective and inspiring presentation on the Profit First system that I’m certain was of great value to the attendees.  Like me, many business owners struggle executing on good ideas.  Without Lynn’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to effectively implement the system and I urge all true believers of Profit First to work with Lynn or another certified consultant to get the most of this great program.”

Charles P. Castellon

Founder & Managing Attorney, CPC Law

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