What is Profit First to me?

I thought that after all these (too many to mention) years in the accounting and bookkeeping world, I knew how to handle my business’s cash flow. I took whatever was left at the end of the day. Not enough, never enough. Spinning in the old hamster wheel.

I was then introduced to Profit First. I applied it to my business and it opened my eyes as to why I was working harder each year, revenues were going up, but I wasn’t getting any richer! That has stopped! Taking my profit “first” makes me see what is “left” to spend on expenses. It has been a remarkable change in just the few months that I have been using it.

I have current clients lined up to hear about how I am doing this. They want me to share it with them. They hear the excitement in my voice. They want to see where they are and where their money is going. They want to get off of the hamster wheel.

It is a simple process. But, it needs accountability, just like a diet or a budget. That’s where I come in. I explain it, set it up with you, and most importantly, make sure that I hold you accountable to stick with it and you will be glad that you did.

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